Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Our licensed technicians will be on site weekly to empty baskets, brush, vacuum and skim the surface of your pool for dirt and debris.  While on site, we will also balance the chemistry of your pool and inspect the equipment.  At the end of each service you will be emailed a report letting you know we were there and the service details.


Equipment Installation & Repair

Our repair technicians specialize in the installation of new equipment and the repair of your current pool equipment. We can take care of your needs for pumps, motors, filters,  cleaning, and light systems.


Pool School

Are you a new pool owner or would just like a refresher course on how to operate your pool? Let our professionals run you through how your pool works and what is needed to maintain optimal water chemistry so that you can enjoy a healthy, clean pool.


Special Occasion Service

If you’re a DIY’er, we know that life can sometimes throw you a curve ball. Whether it’s an unexpected work trip, family vacation or there are just not enough hours in the day, whatever the case may be we are ready to step in and service your pool for as long as you need.

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